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Super Critical Fluid Extraction

Cybernetik has developed a state of the art supercritical fluid extraction system that can help increase extraction efficiency and yield of oils and oleoresins, in comparison to traditional extraction techniques. The system can be used for extraction from herbs and spices such as oregano, hops, turmeric etc.

When carbon dioxide is compressed and heated to a certain pressure and temperature, it is referred to as a supercritical fluid. In this state, carbon dioxide exhibits solvating properties of a liquid and the diffusivity of a gas. This makes it a powerful medium for extraction of natural oils from organic materials.

The system consists of a high pressure system ranging from 300 to 600 bar with high end pumping technology, extraction vessels, gas-liquid separation chambers and complex pressure regulating valves. All these equipment are controlled and monitored through a user-friendly HMI and SCADA system.

The benefits of using SCFE systems by Cybernetik include:

  • Higher extraction efficiency 
  • FDA approved process due to use of carbon dioxide  as a separation medium
  • High product purity
  • Negligible decomposition and damage of extracted  oils due to mild processing temperatures
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Different oils can be  extracted from the same system.
  • Lower operational costs due to reusability of the  carbon dioxide

Capacities available:

  • 5 liters
  • 25 liters
  • 100 liters

(capacities indicate the volume of the extraction vessel, i.e volume of the natural product that oils will be extracted from)


  • Decaffeinating  of coffee and tea  
  • Extraction  of essential oils and oleoresins
  • Extraction  of flavors from natural resources
  • Extraction  of ingredients from spices and red peppers
  • Extraction  of fat from food products
  • Fractionation  of polymeric materials

International Standards & Safety

Cybernetik Technologies offers sophisticated and engineered systems that meet international manufacturing standards.

These systems are designed and manufactured to ensure that the integrity of the food product. System processes meet HACCP standards to ensure the highest standards of food quality.

All equipment can be offered with CE and UL approval.

Cybernetik pays utmost importance to safety of all the systems it supplies. System safety is ensured in all aspects, i.e electrical, mechanical and process to ensure highest level of operator environment safety.

Hardware, software and process can be designed to adhere to required SIL standards. 

Additionally, Cybernetik systems can be offered with fencings integrated with redundant safety and E-stop chains, alarm systems and system monitoring tools using HMIs and SCADA.

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