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Spot Welding:
Cybernetik Technologies offers comprehensive solutions for BIW weld shop automation for the automobile industry. Our systems include highly reliable weld robots, conveying systems in the form of rollers beds, lift-and-carry and pick-and-place systems, Line master PLCs controlling all robots, fixtures and handling systems on Device Net/ ProfiBus.

Key Features:

  • Complete weld line automation solutions or mixed solution with manual and automatic stations.
  • Automatic change of End-of-Arm tooling for multiple operations. 
  • Real-time guided co2 welding. 
  • Line integration with Tip-dressing/nozzle-cleaning, Indexing tables/conveyors, hoists units etc.

International Standards & Safety

Cybernetik Technologies offers sophisticated and engineered systems that meet international manufacturing standards.

These systems are designed and manufactured to ensure that the integrity of the food product. System processes meet HACCP standards to ensure the highest standards of food quality.

All equipment can be offered with CE and UL approval.

Cybernetik pays utmost importance to safety of all the systems it supplies. System safety is ensured in all aspects, i.e electrical, mechanical and process to ensure highest level of operator environment safety.

Hardware, software and process can be designed to adhere to required SIL standards. 

Additionally, Cybernetik systems can be offered with fencings integrated with redundant safety and E-stop chains, alarm systems and system monitoring tools using HMIs and SCADA.

Cybernetik Technolgies AutomationCybernetik Technolgies AutomationCybernetik Technolgies Automation

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