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Starch Sterilization Plant


Customer Requirement

  • Automatic hygienic starch sterilization plant
  • Process development for starch sterilization
  • Increase in production from 20 ton/day to 100 ton/day
  • Continuous process instead of batch type
  • Complete system integration
  • PC based System control and safety monitoring required
  • Complete system required starting from big bag unloading till final bagging
  • Required reduction in manpower
  • Stainless steel 316L construction
  • Documentation for operator use, preventive maintenance and spares

Cybernetik Solution

  • Completely automatic system for starch handling and sterilization
  • Development of new inline paddle type sterilizer and cooler integrated with monitoring systems
  • Developed a state of the art sterilizer that reduced bacterial and fungal count to a very low level, thereby making product quality as per pharmaceutical requirements
  • Complete factory layout designed taking into consideration product flow, hygiene and clean room area requirements (class 100k)
  • High capacity dense phase conveying, sterilizing and bagging machine integrated to achieve high production rate
  • Modular equipment installed to provide a complete solution
  • Reduction of manpower to 3 operators for entire system operations
  • No manual intervention required except to load big bag at inlet and collect small bag at outlet
  • Complete documentation and training for all personnel
  • Poka yoke at all locations
  • Comprehensive design approval process, factory acceptance tests and site acceptance test
  • Inherently safe mechanical design with ergonomic factors taken into consideration

scope of project Scope

  • Big bag unloading systems
  • Dense phase conveying using pressure pots
  • Storage silos
  • Turbo sifters
  • Paddle type continuous sterilizer
  • Paddle type continuous cooler
  • Net weighers
  • Automatic bagging machine
  • Easy to use SCADA system with multiple hierarchy and operation and maintenance screens

cost of project Cost

Approx. 500 thousand USD

schedule of project Schedule

6 months

Systems Offered by Cybernetik

Bag handling systems
Automatic bagging machine
Turbo sifters
Storage silos

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Concept generation

Feasibility study

Factory layout design

Process flow design

Detailed engineering

Manufacturing, integration and testing

Installation and commissioning

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