Concept to Commissioning

High Speed Robotic Spot Welding Line


Customer Requirement

  • Completely automatic robotic spot-welding and handling line
  • Need to increase production from 300 vehicles/day to 2500 vehicles per day
  • Allowable breakdown time less than 0.01% of production time
  • Integration of 11 ABB robots
  • Between 30-50 spot welds per robot
  • Accurate fixtures and positioning tools
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before Dispatch
  • Ease of use and easy for maintenance.
  • Documentation for operator use, preventive maintenance and spares

Cybernetik Solution

  • Human assistive jig fixturing and positioning.
  • Optimized robotic spot welding programs for all robots
  • Performed simulations for entire system to prove feasibility before manufacturing.
  • Poka yoke at all locations
  • Complete System Integration
  • Safety systems to ensure operator safety
  • High speed pneumatic rotary indexers to optimize the cycle time and space for heavy jig payload
  • Optimized integration between robotic operations and jig movement operations to meet production rates
  • Documentation including operator/maintenance manual, preventive maintenance document, critical and recommended spares list

scope of project Scope

  • Installation and programming of 11 ABB robots with spot welding end of arm tooling
  • Rotary indexers for rotating the jig payload of 2 tons in 8 seconds
  • Integration over DeviceNet for robots and CC-link for jig handling
  • 11 station pallet line using rack and pinion indexers
  • Overhead pick and place systems for removing jig from the pallet line.
  • Easy to use SCADA and HMI systems

cost of project Cost

Under 500 thousand USD

schedule of project Schedule

6 months

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Feasibility study

Detailed engineering

Simulation using Virtual reality to prove final cycle times

Manufacturing, integration and testing

Installation and commissioning

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