Why CO2 Extraction ?

Why CO2 Extraction ?

The conventional Extraction process has limitations of solvent toxicity, presence of residual solvents in the final extract and even loss of heat-sensitive oils.

The rapidly emerging Supercritical fluid extraction technology is attracting more global markets and larger profits.

Supercritical CO2 is becoming the preferred extraction choice for the industry.

Top 10 reasons to go for CO2 Extraction

1. USFDA approved “Green Technology”.

2. One Machine– Multiple business solutions.

3. Easy available, Safest – fully Recoverable Media.

4. Higher extraction efficiency, the benefit of Selective Extraction.

5. Operates without altering or damaging products natural properties.

6. No effluent generation and No pollution related hassles & costs.

7. Lower operating costs, Global markets ensuring Higher Profits.

8. 100 % cGMP Compliance, Food & Pharma grade Equipment.

9. Ready Pilot Plant to assist actual business, product and process trials.

10. 30 years old Automation  Company – Proprietary Designs, Project costs reduced by 60%.


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