High Speed Automated Bagging Machine

High Speed Automated Bagging Machine

Cybernetik Technologies is one stop solution for all your bagging needs. We develop fully automated packing lines for low, medium and high production capacities that deliver precision filling with the highest level of performance and reliability. We provide complete solutions for automated bag filling, conditioning, sealing and quality checking which can be further combined with any palletizing system.

The machine comes with a built-in weight set-up and offers high accuracy in the filling process. It uses load cell for weigh-metric filling. The machine uses a screw feeder for accuracy and can fill products by the touch of a button.

As hygiene is the heart of food processing, we have considered stainless steel 316 food grade for all contact parts. All systems are in compliance with the national and international standards for food safety and quality.

Application Areas

Used for filling fine powder, free or non-free flowing things like wheat flour, atta, gram flour, milk powder, curry powder, coffee powder, pharmaceutical powders, pesticide powders, animal feed, pet foods.


Ease of operation and maintenance

PLC-based controller.

Load cell for weigh metric filling.

Screw feeder for accurate filling.

CE and cGMP compliance.

Easy interfacing with the palletizing system.

Seamless integration to existing systems.

Optional Remote monitoring and control.

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Why you should be going for Automatic Bagging?

Why you should be going for Automatic Bagging?

Auto bagging systems are now widely used in almost every packaging line. The packaging has become a lot simpler and safer thanks to the automatic bagging systems. Automatic bagging is basically the weighing of material, accurate product feeding, sealing, printing and safer transport of the product bags. By using an auto bagging system into your packaging operations, you will immediately start to experience benefits such as increased production, increased consistency, reduced workstations, reduced labor costs, greater accuracy, and product safety. Automatic bagging systems can be installed in a variety of production environments and are used for packaging a wide range of different products, including general distribution, cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and more. Speed The speed of manual operations is always limited and it takes much time to complete the packaging process. Automatic packaging machines take very less time to compare to manual work. It automatically fills and seals the product inside the plastic bag. An automatic machine works inline or rotary system and fill multiple packaging bag per minute. Reduce labor cost As you read above how the speed matters, an automatic bagging machine increases the speed of operations. More speed simply means more work. This machine helps to reduce your labor cost. Let’s say you need ten people for the packaging of multiple plastic bags. On the same time, a machine does this same work. That ten people take too much time for packaging and a machine done this within minutes. It means you need equipment that runs faster. It ultimately reduces the total cost of operation. Product safety Safety always has top priority in every industry. If the product is not packed properly, maybe it cannot be the sale and it will hamper the product identity and brand value. This can happen with your products if you get manual operations for packaging. […]

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The Rise Of Industrial Robotics In Automation

The Rise Of Industrial Robotics In Automation

Effective bagging and packaging solutions provide higher efficiency and safety in movement and handling of products, which makes them an extremely vital process on any factory floor. Automatic bagging systems have varied applications across different industries including food, beverages, pharmaceutical, chemicals and electronics. In the last couple of decades, automation has helped revolutionize the packaging industry globally and has made it accessible for businesses of all

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