Common myths and facts about CO2 Extraction

Common myths and facts about CO2 Extraction

Do you think CO2 extraction is expensive?

Unfortunately, the general misconception is still there among the industrialist that supercritical fluid processing requires higher costs.

The myth of high cost of operation with supercritical fluid processes was due to the several published studies in the late 1970s and early 1980s when their lack of industrial viability. Actually, there were some technical limitations to the applications and when they weren’t able to make a mark; it was easy to say it’s a “high costs process.

Here are some common myths about supercritical fluid extraction and reality checks (facts).

  • Myth: CO2 extraction is an expensive extraction process.
  • Fact: CO2 Extraction has proven to be an economical process. As CO2 is easily available and the ability to recycle makes it a green eco-friendly solvent. The CO2 extraction is used for extraction of essential oils, fragrances and flavors.


  • MythCO2 extraction is time-consuming and requires more research.
  • Fact:  Cybernetik has designed a plug and play system which comes with SCADA. Once the set parameters are recorded it is easy to use for the batch process. Also, the time required is only 3-4 hours compared to the day-long process in traditional extraction.


  • MythYou need your own equipment and it requires a lot of efforts to establish a plant.
  • Fact: Our ready to use 5L, 25L, 100L, and 200L fully automatic CO2 Extraction systems are designed as per your needs. These systems are compliance with food grades and designed as per the national and international standards.


We have a dedicated pilot plant at our Pune factory for the actual product and process trails.

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